Welcome to the world of colours which is simply light of different wavelengths and frequencies wherein light is just one form of energy that we can actually see which is made up from photons.
VISION SPOT has derived its name from the word “VISION” which imparts us colour sense and “SPOT” which means special colour apart from regular process colours.

We provide spot inks for printing purposes which comprise of a variety of effects like fluorescent,glitter,metallic,pearlscent,high gloss an matt ,satin and drip off.

Printing today has gone way ahead of just an ink on paper by upgrades due to market demands of freshness and creativity reflected in packaging and commercial jobs. Print design currently seem to be more vibrant than ever before and designers aren't holding back, but experimenting more than ever in order to get their designs noticed. The cost of print may be high in contrast to sharing a design online, but the aesthetic of physically printed materials still has great impact on an audience, especially when used as part of a multi-media marketing mix.

We at vision spot believe in innovating every day making our customers staying abreast with current trends and providing solutions that are catchy and cost effective.

Vision spot has been the name since 7 years producing quality offset specialty inks along with providing prompt services at the printer’s doorstep.

Our consistent approach on giving effective products along with their technical support has made us one of the most reliable spot inks provider in the city.

At Vision spot we maintain standardized operating procedures along with stringent quality control measurements to give our customers value for each of our products.

The raw material we utilize is of SIEGWERK GROUP which is the world’s 5th largest ink manufacturer and have an excellent reputation for quality and consistency in the packaging domain.

We lead in our products and services for the following features –

  • Highly trained staff in ink matching and blending.
  • UV drier for specialty UV jobs.
  • Blenders for quick processing.
  • Gretag Macbeth spectrophotometer for quality control.
  • Computerised database management for quick data reproduction.
  • Production capcity of more than 3 tonnes.
  • Equipments for testing ink properties.
  • Quality control process adhered at batch to batch level.